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L&M CURE is a low VOC, ready to use, non-residual concrete curing compound. It is a water-based clear sprayable liquid that offers residual free performance. L&M CURE is odor-free and is ideal for use in non-vented areas where odor-free products are essential, such as retrofit construction, tunnels, and chimneys. L&M CURE can be easily applied to both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. L&M CURE meets the moisture retention of ASTM C -309 Type 1D, Class B on hard-troweled concrete surfaces.

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Broom finishes 200 ft2/gal (4.9 m2/L)
Steel troweled 300 ft2/gal (7.3 m2/L)
    Surface porosity determines coverage rate. For best results:
Vendor : Laticrete

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