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L&M LION HARD™ is a low VOC, environmentally friendly lithium silicate concrete floor densifier, hardener, and sealer. This product penetrates bare concrete surfaces and transforms them into permanently dust free floors that get better with age.


Typical Application Rates: Coverage dependent upon surface texture and porosity. Typical rate is 600-800 ft2/gal (14.7-19.6 m2) on hard troweled, dense concrete. One coat normally recommended. For best results on porous concrete surfaces, apply second coat after the first coat has dried completely and any dried residue has been removed.
Polished concrete: Apply two coats, the first at 400-600 ft2/gal (9.8-14.7 m2/L)
and the second at 600-800 ft2/gal (14.7-19.5 m2/L) for maximum hardness and surface durability, per instructions.
Vendor : Laticrete

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