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Laticrete Linear Drain Grate Offset Oval - Matte Black

Product Description

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HYDRO BAN Linear Drains are low profile linear floor drains specifically designed for bonded waterproofing installations with HYDRO BAN waterproofing membranes. The NEW HYDRO BAN Linear Drain Troughs are designed with a “V” slope to enhance drainage and can be paired with any HYDRO BAN Drain Grate, which are available in off-set oval with brushed, polished or oil rubbed bronze finishes, tile-in or wedge wire in brushed of polished. The HYDRO BAN Linear Drain allows for the use of large format tile or stone installations in a shower with a single plane slope to the drain. The HYDRO BAN Linear Drain can be installed near the wall, entry or at medial locations in a variety of areas requiring waterproof applications.  The HYDRO BAN Linear Drain is available with standard vertical waste line, a horizontal side outlet or a threaded connector for clamping ring drain installations. Trough and grates are sold separately. Custom sizes are available upon request.

*Laticrete Linear Drain "T" Trough Sold Separately*

Available sizes;

24" (61 cm)
30" (81 cm)
32” (81 cm)
36" (91 cm)
42" (107 cm)
48” (122 cm)
54” (137 cm)
60" (152 cm)

Features & Benefits

  • Single slope to drain
  • Allows for use of large format tile
  • HYDRO BAN Linear Drains are designed with a "V" slope in the trough to enhance drainage
  • Tile in grate available to match floor tile
  • Eliminates pre-slope and primary shower pan for a faster installation
  • Troughs and grates are sold separately to allow mixing and matching of grate style and trough design
  • Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel provides for long lasting performance
  • HYDRO BAN waterproofing membrane bonds directly to stainless steel flange edge allowing for faster
  • easier installation
Vendor : Laticrete