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Laticrete NXT Level Flow

Product Description

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NXT Level Flow is a cement-based, pump friendly, high flowing ,easy-to-use underlayment for use in leveling interior substrates. NXT Level Flow produces a flat, smooth and hard surface for the installation of finished flooring.

  • Product #: 0903-0050-21
  • Packaging Sizes:

    50LB (22.7KG) BAG / 56 per pallet - Standard  

    Part #: 0903-0050-21

    Features & Benefits

    • High flowing and easy-to-use
    • Can be placed from 1/8" to 2" and tapered to zero at edges
    • Pourable and pumpable
    • Inorganic; will not contribute to mold/mildew growth
    • Suitable surface for most finished floor goods after 48 hours
    • Can be applied directly over concrete testing at RH of 100% or less per ASTM F2170
    • Can be applied over Gypsum based substrates
    Vendor : Laticrete

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