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Laticrete SPECTRALOCK® 1 Pre-Mixed Grout

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Never before has a pre-mixed grout offered the superior strength and performance of an epoxy grout, now found in SPECTRALOCK® 1! This patent pending, professional grade grout offers all the benefits of SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout without the hassle of mixing. It provides exceptional durability, extreme versatility, and excellent color consistency – even grouting in the most demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Locks in color and blocks out stains - Available in all 40 LATICRETE® colors, 12 SPECTRALOCK® DAZZLE and glow-in-the-dark grout options. SPECTRALOCK 1 has uniform color consistency using SPECTRALOCK sand and is stain-proof^. It is professionally formulated to ensure a long-lasting appearance, year after year.
  • Strongest pre-mixed grout on the market (meets ANSI A118.3) - Tested and evaluated in accordance to ANSI A118.3, SPECTRALOCK 1 outperforms traditional premixed grouts currently available on the market. With a PSI rating 10X higher than standard premixed grouts, it’s the strongest grout available in a pre-mixed formula! It is resistant to cracking and rated for extra heavy foot traffic for an installation that can last a lifetime.
  • No mixing required - Provides quick and easy installations, with no stirring or mixing, and easy water clean-up. The resealable package reduces waste and overall material costs, and can be opened and reused for up to 6 months.
  • No sealing required - Eliminates discoloring, blotches, shading and includes anti-microbial technology to protect the treated article.
  • Low VOC and low odor - Easy and safe to use grout with no epoxy resins.

^ Stainproof (residential installations only) to common household cleaners, liquids and other goods. Clean all spills immediately.

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