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Ram Board Painter's Board

Product Description

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Size: 35” x 50’ (145.83 sq. ft.) / 88.9 cm x 15.24 m (13.54 m2)

RAM BOARD PAINTER’S BOARD™ The first of its kind. Introducing a durable, temporary floor protection board that is uniquely crafted for the professional and DIY painter. With red rosin proving to be unreliable due to tearing and potential floor stains, Ram Board has developed a safe and superior floor protection for painting. Painter's Board contains many of the same premium features found in the world's leading floor protection solution, Ram Board. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that floors are protected against paint, water, mud and more with Spill Guard®. Avoid floor stains commonly caused by red-rosin paper, as Ram Board is 100% developed with non-staining natural recycled materials. Cure lines can also be prevented if floors have been newly finished with Vapor-Cure® technology. These features have been added to a floor protection board that is technically modeled for painters.

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