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Prepping Your Cement Subfloor for Tile

Prepping Your Cement Subfloor for Tile

Cement subfloor can be a great base for a tile floor if you prep it correctly.


The first step to prepping your cement for tiling is cleaning. Start with sweeping or vacuuming any dust, dirt or debris. Then mop the floor with water. Use a few tablespoons of degreasing cleaner in warm water and scrub the cement with a scrub brush. Then rinse. After you clean the floor make sure you let it completely dry.

Repair and Prime

Inspect the floor making sure there are not any holes or cracks. If there are you will need to patch them. If you find a larger crack or displaced cement consult with a professional before you move forward. Once all the imperfections are fixed it is time to prime the floor.  Allow primer to fully dry. Most primers will take at least 24 hours to dry.


The cement will need to be level before you can lay any tile. A self-leveler can be used to assure your cement is level.

After these steps are complete you can move on to the next step. Depending on your situation you may be ready to add backer board, put in floor heating, installing a membrane or start tiling.

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