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VAPOR BAN™ E protects moisture/pH-sensitive floor coverings such as most resinous coatings, vinyl, rubber, VCT, carpet, wood, ceramic tile, and stone. It can also be used as a floor primer for slabs contaminated by petroleum, vegetable oil, and other chemicals. VAPOR BAN E concrete vapor barrier exceeds the ASTM F3010 standard.

VAPOR BAN E can be pigmented with SPARTACOTE® Universal Pigments (a line of concentrated colorants compatible with all clear SPARTACOTE poly aspartic, epoxy, and urethane resins) for use as a base coat or broadcast coat with SPARTACOTE system offerings.

It can also be used with our NXT® and SUPERCAP® line of high-performing self-leveling underlayments and traffic-bearing overlays.

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  • Exceeds ASTM F3010 (<0.1 perms at 12 mils)
  • Protects even the most sensitive flooring materials from moisture vapor transmission. It can be used in resinous coating systems or with self-leveling overlayments and underlayments
  • Tintable with SPARTACOTE® Universal Pigments
  • Accepts broadcasts of SPARTACOTE Blended Chip (flake) or Quartz
  • Compatible with non-water-based adhesives


  • Protect even the most sensitive flooring materials from moisture vapor transmission
  • Eliminates the need to carry and stock multiple epoxy primers, simplifying ordering, reducing inventory carrying costs
  • Simplify installation by using it as a base coat in any SPARTACOTE system
  • Save an installation step by broadcasting directly into VAPOR BAN™ E
  • Easy to use with hardwood, vinyl, rubber, carpet, tile, and stone

VAPOR BAN E is a direct replacement for: 

  • NXT® Vapor Reduction Coating
  • SPARTACOTE® Moisture Vapor Barrier
  • SUPERCAP® Moisture Vapor Control

Approximate Coverage

Wet Film Dry Film  Coverage
12.0 mils (0.30mm) 12.0 mils (0.30mm) 133 ft2/gal (3.2 m2/L)
16.0 mils (0.41 mm) 16.0 mils (0.41 mm) 100 ft2/gal (2.5 m2/L)
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